Unattended Windows Setup–A must have if you deploy more than a few machines


Configuration Passes


Rhonda Layfield – Good place to start, Author/Expert.



Windows 7 Automatic Restart–Windows Update

The functionality of Windows Update automatic restarts has changed from the way it functioned in Windows XP. We all remember the postpone function that could be done indefinitely. Now in Windows 7 without the user interacting with the dialog, it will reboot the PC even if it’s locked or simply idle. I personally don’t see an issue, maybe an annoyance as you’d have to rearrange your windows again, but the state of requiring a reboot is not one to just “hang out” in. In short, don’t get up from your desk without saving that paper or spreadsheet you’ve been working on all day.

Here’s a way to Enable or Disable Windows Updates from Automatically Restarting the Computer.

Dual boot your Windows 7 PC, add 2008 R2 and Hyper V

Special Thanks to Keith Combs, this is a fine post, that I’ve not personally tried but was able to implement for a presenter in my company. Not sure if there are hardware specifics.


Offline File Sync Technology in Windows 7

This feature can be a bit finicky the client side cache (CSC) has been known to cause some issues with the synchronization. Some links I have found helpful to follow the Step-By-Step Guide.


Offline file Cache (CSC) Removal



Reinitialize the offline Cache (Basically the same thing as above)



Folder redirection overview.