Auto Archive not working in Outlook 2007 due to modified date change.

This past summer we (for one of our clients) migrated email to a cloud email service instead of continuing to manage an on site exchange environment. The email is still Exchange but hosted “in the cloud.” This makes a lot of sense for smaller environments.

The customer would now like to auto archive emails both sent and received that are older than 1 year. Again this makes a lot of sense as these messages don’t want to be deleted but are not used with any frequency. We setup the archive.pst file to live on a mapped drive (G:\) so that they would be backed up during server backups.

When the auto-archive ran for each of the users only the folder structure and no messages were found in the Archive Personal Folder.

If you didn’t know Auto-Archive queries that Modified Date and not the Received/Sent Date field. All of the modified dates were 08/11/2010, the day migrated to the cloud exchange, and well less than the desired 12 months.

There is a workaround involving advanced searches and moving them to an archive PST and then permanently deleted the message on the exchange side.  In this specific case the customer chose to wait until 08/11/2011 when the archive will really get going.


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