Postini Spam filter by Google. Great tool that keeps the spam outside of your network. But…

The #1 benefit to having Postini in your environment over something like Barracuda is that the spam never even touches your network. You won’t see your bandwidth affected by a single  customer click that unleashes it’s wrath on you. Instead let Google Postini shield you…

Onto the But…

The maximum number of characters for each approved/blocked list in the Administration Console is 4000. If each address or domain is 30 to 40 characters, each sender list can include approximately 100 to 130 addresses and domains.
The maximum number of characters for all lists for each user in the Message Center is 1000.
For each address, add an additional 2 characters to get an accurate count.
If you run out of space and attempt to add another address, you receive an error similar to this:
List length limit (4000) exceeded
To free up more space, delete addresses that are no longer used.
You may consider adding an address from user’s list to the appropriate organization-level list to improve filtering for all users, while freeing up space for that particular user.

This is a limitation in the Postini database, not disk space. There are no plans to increase this limitation.


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